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Aerial roots

The Kulturpalst is turning green!

On the way

We are serious about sustainability. We already have 100 per cent green electricity, solar panels on the roof are coming soon, we have converted to LEDs and are very careful and conscious in our use of resources. And we want it to be green around the house as well. Together with Rehwaldt - landscape architects, we are therefore transforming the Kulturpalast forecourt into a kind of forest. And let it grow right into the building. We are putting down roots, so to speak, in a figurative as well as in a very concrete sense.

The project

Along a "path of trees", an installation of potted willow trees in various sizes leads out of the concert hall to the forecourt of the Kulturpalast. There it leads into an urban plantation. The willow trees, which grow up to 5 metres high from April to September, radiate out from the Kulturpalast into the city as a green sign. It creates spaces for meeting and exchange and draws attention to the issue of sustainability. It also creates a sense of well-being for visitors to the Kulturpalast and passers-by.

The opening

We will cut the proverbial ribbon on 29 APR 2023 for the open house day.

Around the installation of the willow trees, we and our partners in the Kulturpalast will offer lectures, themed readings, children's crafts and games on the topic of trees and sustainability on this day and beyond. Cosmo, the forum for science communication, will be demonstrating an irrigation robot in cooperation with the Schlösserstiftung Sachsen. A quiz course also leads to the "hidden" concert hall, where short concerts with a musical reference to the willows can be heard.

The finale

Concerts with a commissioned composition by Thai composer Naring Prangcharoen, conducted by Singapore-born conductor Kahchun Wong, will open the new season on 2/3 SEP 2023, focusing on Southeast Asia and the exchange with Singapore that inspired the entire project.

With a "Recycling Day" on 9 SEP 2023, the Air Roots will enter the finale: we will auction or give away the willow trees, and in the evening there will be a symphony concert with the Recycling Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra by Gregor Mayerhofer. This will be accompanied by Beethoven's 6th Symphony, the "Pastorale", as an early counterpart, so to speak, to music that deals with our nature.